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Sneaky Tony’s – Northbridges Own Prohibition Rum Bar, No Password No Entry.

We all know that one scene from the movies where the protagonist rocks up to to a secret location, knocks on a big wooden door twice and whispers a secret password to the piercing eyes peeping through a small hatch.

We’ve all secretly wished to smoke a cigar, wear a top hat and enter one of these locations. Well now, this is no longer exclusive to the movies or the back streets of 1920’s NYC. All Perthians can now unleash their inner Capone and enter the bustling hub of the ‘underworld’, or in this case, Northbridge.

But how? You may ask.

The location/experience is a rum bar called Sneaky Tony’s, named after ‘Tony the Hat’, a bootlegger of rum in 1920’s California, who used his shrimp business to conceal the real money maker.

The location of this gem is kept secret (here’s a hint: Nick’s Lane) and even if your inner Sherlock Holmes helped you solve the locality, you still need a password to enter, which is posted on the bar’s Facebook each day.

The experience alone is enough to make anyone’s night, however if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, I’m sure the 300 varieties of rum may suffice. If you’re still not satisfied, maybe the cocktail bar serving classic mojito’s, spirits and boutique beer and wine may just be that icing on the cake.

Sneaky Tony’s is definitely a wonderful addition to the ever-growing Northbridge small bar scene. Brought to you by the same team behind La Cholita and Pleased to Meet You, be sure to head on down, flapper outfit and all. Open daily from 4pm to late – prepare yourself to be transported back to the 1920’s.


Words By: Stephanie Main