Abbott Refers To Social Media As “Electronic Graffiti”

Words byJonathon Davidson
Image credit: Stefan Postles/Getty Images

Tony Abbott has dismissed criticism of his performance communicated over social media platforms, referring to it as “electronic graffiti”, The Guardian reported today.

While the Prime Minister allegedly acknowledged criticism originating from within the Liberal Party, Abbott’s comments that likened voices  on social media to vandalism reflect the very thing that many young Australians find so extremely appalling about Mr. Abbott.

“Look, I’ll leave social media to its own devices,” Tony Abbott told the Guardian.

“You wouldn’t report what’s sprayed up up on the walls of buildings…” he was also quoted as saying.

While Tony Abbott did have a legitimate point in his interview with The Guardian regarding the often-negative nature of social media political discussion, his choice to actively ignore the only platform through which many young Australians can join political discussion reflects the nature of his governing ideology; one which is politically elitist and shows no ability to adapt to changing technological surroundings.

In an Australia Day press conference today, Mr. Abbott told all Australians that 2015 is an important year, for it is the year we can strive to be better.

In Australia Day fashion, Mr. Abbott declared that this year’s government will build upon the ‘achievements’ of the Australian Government of 2014.

Mr. Abbott referenced the ‘Labor debt’, and mentioned briefly that Australia is at risk of becoming a ‘second-rate’ country, according to The Guardian.