Colin Barnett Says Change In Infrastructure Needed For Cyclists

Words by: Jonathon Davidson 
Image credit: ABC

ABC reported this morning that the state Premier acknowledged a number of existing issues coming from the sharing of roads between drivers and cyclists.

Mr. Barnett reportedly mentioned the current conflict occurring between cyclists and “…traditional road users”.

These statements came today after Mr. Barnett dismissed the proposed ‘one-metre rule‘ law for West Australia, which would see it legally required for drivers to leave one metre of space between themselves and a cyclist whilst passing.

Colin Barnett told reporters that he would be taking advice on which relevant road and cycle rules need to be changed.

“…we certainly need to have well-established protocols for the use of cycling…”, Mr. Barnett told reporters from the ABC.

The Premier pointed towards the clash between outdated cycle paths and broad changes in the usage of roads as being the instigator for aggression between cyclists and motorists; as well being responsible for the relatively unprecedented safety issues that now need to be considered.

Colin Barnett told reporters that more courteous behaviour needs to be encouraged on our roads.

There is a similar law currently travelling through parliament in QLD, which one commentator expects to be enforced by April.