Labor Votes Reportedly Surging In Queensland State Election

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image credit: Sky News

The Guardian Australia are reporting on today’s election in QLD which will decide the leaders of the state Government.

The results have begun to be counted only within the hour, and already in a live update feed there is reportedly a surge in numbers of votes allocated to Labor.

That the voters of QLD may turn away from the currently elected Liberal-National Party in large numbers is not unexpected.

The current QLD State premier, Campbell Newman, has been involved in a spate of coverage in recent weeks ultimately underlining his complete fall from the graces of the voters of QLD. 

Attorney General George Brandis reportedly told Sky News reporters that be believes the Liberal National Party will lose 23 seats, according to the Guardian Australia’s live update feed.

A 56% to 46% count in Labor’s favour was reported an hour ago and appears to be an indicator of further counts to come this evening.

The current results may lead one to ponder whether or not a turn back to Labor government in QLD may not be indicative of what occurs during Australia’s next Federal Election.

The Greens are reportedly sitting on 10%.