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Club Briefs is a tantalising late night Fringe Festival variety show hosted by the boys from Briefs Factory. The night includes performances by members from the ever-popular Briefs troupe, as well as cabaret, burlesque, boylesque and comedy cameos from many other Fringe Festival performers.

Club Briefs, a ‘no rules, no restrictions’, late night performance club, was born in the ‘bowels’ of Bris Vegas in 2008. Since then the Briefs ensemble has grown and toured extensively performing full-length works nationally and internationally.

Paying homage to their Brissy roots the boys have reprised Club Briefs for 5 shows in Perth as part of Fringe Festival 2015.

The first guest to grace the stage on opening night was none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner and all-round diva extraordinaire, Jinkx Monsoon. Jinkx serenaded the crowd with a seductive rendition of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead – no lip-syncing required for this lady. The comic was also able to gauge the crowd’s appreciation of self-deprecating humour and made a number of obligatory jabs at Perth. The crowd lapped it up- a lady after our own hearts.

I was also blown away by guest performer Le Gateau Chocolat. In an apparently impromptu performance Le Gateau recited operatic pop ballads, whilst one of the nimble Briefs boys gracefully flung himself around on aerial silks. The performance was so eerily beautiful that the otherwise raucous crowd remained silently transfixed for the entire performance. As Le Gateau’s Fringe run has concluded I cannot guarantee that he will be gracing the Club Briefs’ stage again… but I’d say it’s worth buying a ticket anyway and crossing your fingers.

Briefs’ alumni Mark Winmill, Dallas Dellaforce, and ‘Evil Hate Monkey’, also lived up to their hype, satisfying the crowd’s voyeuristic lust with provocative routines. Dellaforce is undisputed drag royalty and Winmill and Evil Hate Monkey are both recent winners of the Vegas King of Burlesque, so you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth. Also, Winmill has the best butt I have ever seen, and I need to go do 100 squats right now.

Fez Fa’anana, ‘bearded lady and ringmaster’, hosted the show and deserves a mention in her own right. Fa’anana wooed the crowd with well-timed one-liners, spontaneous pieces of spiritual guidance and complimentary lessons on how to be fabulous.

My only disappointment is that I didn’t get to see the boys perform yoyo tricks whilst wearing their infamous knitted penis caddies. Unfortunately, I think that visual pleasure is reserved for the crowds in their Briefs: The Second Coming show, which is completely sold out.

Club Briefs is going to sell out as well, and no one wants to live with regrets, so buy your tickets here.

If you are interested Jinkx Monsoon is also performing in the award winning cabaret The Vaudevillians until 6 February, buy your tickets here.

Words by Freya Hall