Entire Town Of Pemberton Being Evacuated In Face Of Bushfire

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image credit: ABCnews

6PR  talkback radio are currently corresponding live with reporters in Pemberton where for the last 4 days bushfires have been staying active in the state’s south-west. 

The DFES have issued an alert for the lower South-West region.

Some 18 hours ago, residents from affected areas including the town of Northcliffe and as far as the shire of Boddington were evacuated to Pemberton, after bushfires alert levels were upgraded.

Now, Pemberton itself is at risk of going up – the reports currently playing on talkback indicate that the threat encompasses the entire town – and people are currently being evacuated out of their homes.

It is unclear what numbers of people are involved.

It is reported that firefighters from Victoria have just landed at a rural airstrip and joined the West Australian team, whom are all exhausted after days of firefighting.

Skynews reports that at least 40 residents have refused to leave the town of Northcliffe, which has been reportedly called “undefendable”.