Australian Mental Health Services Set To Receive $1.8 Billion In Funding

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image credit: press-herald

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is set to receive $1.8 Billion in funding as part of the biggest financial boost under the Federal Government’s updated model set to be installed on July 1st 2015.

The NDIS began on July 1st 2014 for a one year-trial, and a small number of programs across four states are currently funded.

While speculations regarding mental health funding cuts have been made across Mr.Abbott’s term, none have actually been finalised and critics may be surprised to find that the Government’s committal to a $1.8 billion boost in funding stays true to promises of making mental health a priority area; listed in a 2013 review conducted by the Abbott Government on Australia’s mental health services.

According to Guardian reporters, the current trial model of the NDIS sees $450 million in funding given to community care programs across small parts of WA, ACT, NT and NSW.

It is believed the boost in funding was prompted by the Financial Services Council who recommended that the Australian Government take a greater share in providing care for the elderly and Australians living with a disability, in the 2015/16 budget proposals.

It was reportedly stated by the FSC that the private insurance scheme could potentially generate a savings of over $8 billion by 2019.

Some mental health professionals have asked that the Government makes certain current programs funded by the NDIS trial model are to receive ongoing funding with the July 1st date.