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Szymon – Golden

It’s not everyday that we find electric folk that gels with us. Actually, it’s more likely we seemingly don’t listen to much electric folk in general.

With Golden something in the gentle, tragic and stunningly layered track immediately ‘clicks’.

Szymon Borzestowski, who ran under the moniker of his first name, honed his skills in Newcastle, working on the not-so-easy art of bedroom production with a whole heap of makeshift gear.

Unfortunately after recording enough material for his forthcoming LP Tigersapp, Borzetowski sadly lost his battle with depression at the age of just 23. While this is definitely disheartening, a whole number of inspired folks have decided to maintain Szymon‘s memory and ensure that the LP receives the attention the feel it deserves.

One of these men is Chris Hawker who created the label Eloper specifically for the purpose of releasing Szymon’s work.

Words By: Matt Steyn