Meteorite Startles Gidgegannup Resident, Perth Loses Its Shit

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Photo credit: OptusZoo

Both 720 ABC talkback radio and local twitter traffic erupted this morning after repeated witnesses came forward claiming to have seen a bright light travelling through the air, proving that if there’s one thing that brings us all together, it’s unidentified space stuff.

Too bad for exotic collectors: West Australian law actually puts meteorites under ownership of the state.

Angela Whife of Gidgegannup has today made waves throughout the Perth news scene after claiming her belief that the object, presumed to be a meteorite, landed somewhere on her property. 

Dozens of others reported through a range of technologies seeing a flash in the skies, with reports ranging from the CBD to Margaret River.

Literally all dominant state and national news bodies have reported the events, despite no trace of meteorite being found.

Though it is not uncommon for debris – both manmade or otherwise – to enter the atmosphere at regular intervals, it is rare for so many witnesses in a populated area to witness the event.

It is also unusual for a meteorite to remain visible to the naked eye after breaking up upon entrance into the atmosphere.

There has been little news since morning, and it is most likely that the meteorite disintegrated before potential impact.

In 2012, a meteor plunged into the sea off Cottesloe, causing media stir.