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We caught up with Hussy to talk angsty punk, ‘beers n bongs’ and a how to reclaim a name for feminism. You can catch more from them and keep up with their latest news HERE.


Who are Hussy?

We are a Perth based, all female five-piece with low fi sounds, RnB roots and a ballsy attitude. We are a postie, a stone-mason, a writer, a PE teacher and a painter.

How did you form? 

A couple of years ago we started hanging out together in a tiny rehearsal room in Rockingham; drinking, smoking and making too much noise for a Tuesday night.

Marcia brought us together. Her and Blair had been looking to form an all female supergroup/punky garage band since Uni, so Marcia sourced the crème de la crème of her musically afflicted friends and here we are!

Where did the name come from?

The word ‘hussy’ means husband in Spanish originally. Overtime this word, along with other words developed derogatory meanings, particularly in relation to females. But times are a-changing and describing these changes is important to us as fembots of the 21st Century. We call ourselves HUSSY as a way of re-owning the word and re-using it to once again mean caregiver or provider; which is how we see each other and how we hope other girls see themselves.

What influences your sound?

Dancing, movement and energy. We’ve grown up on Spice Girls harmonies and catchy pop tunes – to this we’ve added our own amounts of grunge, angst and punk rock – we can be pretty mouthy!

Add some beers n bongs and sometimes that’s all the influences we need. Marcia provides the pop swing while Shin writes more bratty narrative lyrics; then we beef it up with some distortion and crashes. Also, whatever makes your nipples hard, your ovaries tingle or toes tap is usually a winner.

Records on repeat?

Blondie, Cosmic Psychos, Courtney Barnett, The Front Bottoms, HAIM, In This Moment, Rise Against, Screaming Females, The Smith Street Band and Talking Heads.

Local bands you love?

Bastian’s Happy Flight, Catbrush, Doctopus, Ducks on a String, Filthy Apes, The Government Yard, The Love Junkies, Mudlark, Night Signals, The Shakeys, Shit Narnia, SMRTS, Sounduh and Weapon is Sound.

Releases you’re looking forward to in 2015?

The Government Yard are releasing their EP in March which is one to look out for. And (fingers crossed) ours coming out mid-year.