Prime Minister Tony Abbott is renowned for putting his foot in his mouth. However, in what may aptly be described as a lifestyle choice, he has replaced that foot with a raw, unpeeled, brown onion.

The Prime Minister was in Tasmania touring local farms and promoting a $200 million boost to the state’s freight equalisation scheme when the incident occurred.

The Prime Minister shocked the owner of Charlton Farm Produce, and the media touring the farm, when he nonchalantly and inexplicably began biting into a brown onion. Unsurprisingly, fellow lizard person George Brandis did not bat an eyelid.

Luckily, there were plenty of cameras on stand by to record the incident in all its cringe-worthy glory. Feast your eyes on your Prime Minister ladies and gentlemen.

Of course the Internet exploded, and with it the hashtag #OnionGate was born…

Oniongate 1

oniongate 2

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Words By: Freya Hall