Vladimir Putin Has Not Been Seen Since March 5th, State Media Ran Interview From The Future

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Photo credit: Business Insider 

There has been no confirmed sighting of the Russian president since the 5th of March, putting time scale at just under a fortnight.

Today marks the date of a meeting scheduled to happen between himself and Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev.

As BBC puts it, the world is waiting for Putin to appear.

The meetings to take place today have been receiving attention for the last 72 hours, from agencies like reuters.

However, in a testament to the nature of state-run media control, and also Russia’s propensity for weirdness, somebody somewhere slipped up.

Last Friday, Russian state-run media channel Rossiya 24 ran the following segment, referencing the meeting between the two presidents on Monday – which you will note is today, and quite a separate day from last Friday. 

According to businessinsider, Rossiya 24 admitted to BBC Russia that they had indeed made a mistake and ran the segment at least twice between 1pm and 2pm Moscow time.

Numbers of photos of the president published by government agencies, claiming to be showing the president holding meetings and visiting events, have actually been dated to days before their publication.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov also recently renewed a pledge of loyalty to Putin and Russia on Instagram.

Whether or not the Kremlin Gremlin has just come down with a bug, or pulled a Harold Holt, is unknown.

One thing is for sure though: western media will be here to make light of the entire situation, every step of the way.