Blinging Out Your Cat Helps Endangered Wildlife

Words by: Helene Lambetsos

Well, if you’ve decided to keep your old eighties and nineties scrunchies (for some reason), its time to dust them off and put them to good use!

That’s right, scrunchies now have a purpose outside of being a fantastically loud hair accessory: they can save lives. Animal lives to be exact.

A new study by a PhD student at Murdoch university has found that putting a scrunchie-like collar on domestic cats reduced the amount of wildlife they kill, by more than half.

Student Catherine Hall, who spearheaded the project, studied the behaviour of 114 cats in two years, and found that less than half the number of birds, reptiles and amphibians were caught when cats wore the hilariously bright collars.

“Bright colours are very noticible to songbirds, they should see the cats further away, allowing them to escape earlier,” Ms Hall said.

But don’t worry, because it’s based on colour vision, your cat will still catch pesky rats and vermin. And who knows, maybe your feline friend will feel just that little bit more pretty?

So the next time someone asks why you’ve kept that bright neon scrunchie relic of the 20th century, you’ll have a semi-justifiable defense.