Netflix: Thumbs Up Or Down?

We’ve all been waiting for it…now it’s here – the ultimate way to link your film/TV watching habits with devices around the home. Netflix, one of America’s biggest entertainment companies, today officially launched its Australian services.

Streaming services are arguably our biggest defence against illegal downloading and streaming services. According to ABC, 29% of adults admitted to actively pirating movies, TV shows, and music, up 4% from 2013. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Netflix Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Friedland said the service will decrease piracy statistics and increase distribution opportunities.

“The motion picture and television industry used the internet to market their shows and their movies all over the world. Then they held back distribution in order to maximise profitability – and the net result is piracy. The days of people being relegated to second-class citizenry on the basis of commercial interests is over.”

Netflix will also have to compete with 2015’s other major streaming service releases, Fiarfax/Nine Network’s Stan and Foxtel’s Presto, over convenience, pricing, and quality programming.

According to, Netflix will be charging $8.99 for standard definition single stream, compared to Stan’s $10 deal for three high definition streams at once and Presto’s $9.99 two standard definition streams. On Sunday,according to Mumbrella, the service’s list of film and TV titles was leaked to the public via Reddit, prompting the company to release the official list one day prematurely.

The list contains 7000 fewer titles than America’s service, excluding Friends, Parks and Recreation, and Scrubs.

Words By: Tom Munday