Death Grips Announce World Tour

Words by: Jon Davidson

Experimental hip hop trio, system blower and PR nightmare Death Grips have announced a world tour via their Facebook page.



While the group have come to Perth before, it was not an independent tour, and I really wish I went because I have it on good authority that their set was in fact fucking sick.

However, one would be excused for calling bullshit – the trio have a reputation for leaking their own material, in one instance as a show of defiance towards the delayed release dates being pushed by the record label at the time. One member of the group took a photo of his dick on which he’d written the album title No Love, Deep Web in sharpie texta, and they included that photo as album artwork in the leak they put online.

Last year, they announced their breakup and a final 2 part album, The Powers That B. Part 1, Niggas On The Moon, went without its promised sequel for almost a year until, just days before the scheduled release of Part 2 last week, Jenny Death was leaked early, by you guessed it: Death Grips. This was reportedly in response to an earlier leak by someone else, but the poster of that first release was unidentified, and the trio’s track history suggests that it was probably them.

For instance: the permanent band break up? Yeah, nah. 

Listen to Jenny Death below, and keep an eye out for developments.