Perth Drug Clinic Dealing Ring Shut Down

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image credit: WASUA 

The WA Substance Abuse Association has had an interesting week: on Wednesday, six properties were raided by police and four women arrested on drug charges.

One woman, identified only as a 49 year old resident from Hamilton Hill by this WAToday article, has been charged with 30 different counts of ‘offering to supply heroin’.

While the case is still in the courts and as such details are vague, one can reasonably put together the picture that the arrested staff members from WASUA were offering to supply heroin to clients.

Another woman, ’50 and from East Perth’, was charged with 20 counts of offering to sell heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

According to reports, all four staff members have been stood down.

Chairwoman of the WASUA, Jill Rundle, released a statement on the association’s behalf, really driving home the point that the WASUA does not train staff to hand out drugs, nor encourage said practices.

It’s a tough blow to the reputation of an organisation already lurking in a moral gray area – WASUA run a needle exchange program in Perth, offering users access to sterile needles.

The WASUA’s website lists no positions vacant under the heading ‘Work With Us’.