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REVIEW: Colour Me Rad

Words By: Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

On Saturday, I underwent the confusion that is the Perth Colour Me Rad 5K run. Who has time for running anymore? Even if you get splashed with coloured cornstarch after every kilometre, surely that can’t be the only incentive to sacrifice two whole hours of your life trying to look like a rainbow? It can’t, can it?

Evidently, it can. And the best part is, you do end up looking like your own version of a walking talking rainbow, albeit one that’s not plastered to the sky and doesn’t have the entire spectrum of colours. If anything, it’s a chance to brighten up your otherwise mundane life, to have fun, to make memories with friends and family! (Or so it’s advertised on the Colour Me Rad website. Check their FAQ page, their answers are hilarious.

The run started from the hockey stadium at Curtin University. I’d gone to the one the year before; it’d been my first time, and I came away trying not to be suffocated by the colour powder that bursts in blasts at the rave that happens after the run. This year I made a mental note to stay away from the rave, what with the crowd and blaring music and the powder that you breathe in even when you’re trying to avoid breathing.

My housemates and I were listed in the Addams Family Team, and our run was at 9:40 am. Being the meticulous planner that I am, I decided to sleep early the night before so I’d be fully energized the next day. So naturally, I slept at four in the morning.

We were five minutes late, which I later decided was a good thing, since there was no pressure on us to actually run. (Running at a run? The very idea!) So we walked the entire way. After our first kilometre, we were greeted by the first Colour Bomb Squad Team, all of whom fired their watercolour guns at us—one hit me square in the right eye, despite the fact that I was wearing my usual glasses, with the ‘rad’ blue sunglasses propped up on my head.

I took a selfie, documenting the eye spraying.

At 2K, the Bomb Squad hit me in the other eye. I took another selfie.

Colour me rad - fourth time unlucky

Pictured: The Fourth Attempt at a Selfie

The walk itself was very pleasant; the weather was in our favour, sunny yet not too hot. Other runners whizzed past us. Walkers walked with us, behind us, before us. The cheerful atmosphere kept everyone’s spirits up, and it was a wonderful social exercise if nothing else. Well—you could even forego the ‘social’ and keep it at exercise.

After being sprayed in the eye again for the fourth time, we reached the finish line (which was the starting line, only read from a coming-back-in perspective, as opposed to a going-forth perspective). The rave was only starting—the MC with the horrendous red headdress was getting his act together, keeping the energy up, pumping up the music, and entertaining the crowds. I slowly stepped away from the chaos and walked home.

The run—walk—left me tired (considering I was running [ha! Running! Get it?] on four hours of sleep and half a cup of coffee) and energized. And exhilarated. My hair was a slump of a mess, my T-shirt looked like a rainbow had spat on it, and my feet were blistered, but to my surprise, I found that I had enjoyed it.

A bit of colour in your life doesn’t exactly go amiss.

Especially if the colour makes you rad.