Blazing Swan Comes To WA

Words By: Mandy Moe Pwint Tu
Image Credit: March of The Unicorns at Blazing Swan

If you’re looking to be inspired this week, look no further than Blazing Swan 2015: Inspiration, currently here and underway in Jilakin Rock City, Kulin, Western Australia. It will run from the 1st of April to the 7th of April, 2015.

Blazing Swan takes after its American counterpart, Burning Man, which is an annual event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. There, Black Rock City comes to life, a passing metropolis dedicated to the celebration of community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. This City attracts ten of thousands of people every year.

A non-profit organization, Blazing Swan Inc. is managed by a volunteer committee of burners who have attended the Burning Man numerous times. They have also aided in the organization and set up of regional burns such as AfrikaBurn (in South Africa) and Burning Seed (on the east coast of Australia). The event relies on and is duly supported by a large number of volunteers.

Blazing Swan 2015: Inspiration is dedicating $10 from each ticket sold at the event to funding a full time age care nurse to the Shire of Kulin—thus upholding their vision to “support and develop community based fundraising events to further the Association’s objects”. This entails working with the local community to help fund crucial amenities to the region.

The aim of Blazing Swan, like the Burning Man, is to build a small village, and cultivate a cultural festival which covers areas such as arts, music and poetry. The event encourages intimacy, and consequently has limited ticket sales to 2000. At Blazing Swan, every attendee is expected to actively participate in the event, and in doing so, create the experience itself.

Participation is split a number of ways: from setting up theme camps, to running mutant vehicles, to creating and putting up art installations, to performing, to volunteering. For artists whose work involves the use of fire, the Blazing Swan Fire Team is on hand to provide a safe environment to create in, without hindering artistic expression as long as there is no potential threat of danger.

It is an event bound to be ablaze with wonder and good vibes. For more information on the Blazing Swan’s activities, visit their website.