The Dead Edits: Melbourne In For A Treat

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

Brian Kruger – also known as Empty – and Lewis Galaga make up The Dead Edits, a Perth-based hip-hop duo with, as it turns out, a considerable degree of local industry support and good old street cred under their belts.

On Thursday the 16th of April, Melbourne city’s Laundry Bar will thud to their catalogue of beats, featuring three other Melbourne artists, and two ex-Perth loyalists now holed up in Victoria’s capital city.

This is not the first time that Empty, at least, has seen Perth and Melbourne hip-hop culture intermingling. In our interview last year, he told me that he had seen Melbourne boys “lose their shit” at the sight of CoLab, a freestyle hip-hop night co-run by Empty along with local artist Archi.

I’ve heard what Empty can push out live on stage, and I’ve also listened to The Dead Edits entire bandcamp page, and I assure you I’m a fan.

If you’re in Melbourne on Thursday the 16th, The Laundry Bar is a must-go.