If You Torrented Dallas Buyers Club, You May Be Receiving An Invoice Soon

Words by: Tom Munday
Image: Twitter

Remember Dallas Buyers Club? That pretty-good-not-great AIDS/Big Pharma dramedy that gave Matthew MCConaughey an Academy Award? Well, for over a year, it’s been part of one of modern entertainment’s biggest legal battles.

Today, according to, a Federal Court ruling has ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to reveal the contact details of internet users accused of illegally downloading the 2013 smash-hit.

Dallas Buyers CLub LLC, the company holding the rights, lodged the notorious piracy and privacy case against several Australian companies including iiNet last year.

According to CNET, a restricted Federal Court affidavit – signed by expert witness Daniel Maeck – revealed the system, used by MaverickEye, to detect service users known for making to film available online for other users.

The system, used to monitor traffic on P2P networks between April 2nd and May 27th, 2014, found users able to create electronic copies of all or parts of the film.

The system also found specific IP addresses as well as ISPs, cities, and times stamps of certain activities.

According to ABC, the ISPs involved claimed the operation was a breach of privacy, with the companies intending to use “speculative invoicing” throughout their own investigations.

Justice Nye Perram said the ISPs were forced to reveal contact details and advised the “need to provide deterrence”.

“They are to submit to me a draft of any letter they propose to send to account holders associated with the IP addresses which have been identified,” Hon. Perram said.