INTERVIEW: The Regular Hunters

Interviewed By: Matt Steyn
Image Credit: The Regular Hunters

This week we had a chat to Leah Miche, the singer and guitarist of indie/folk/rock band The Regular Hunters. The band are releasing their single Surreal tonight at the Odd Fellow in Fremantle with support from the lovely Joni in the Moon, Our Man in Berlin and True Science. More info here.

Who are The Regular Hunters?

Leah Miche – Guitar and Vocals

Tashi Hall – Drums

Drew Krapljanov – Guitar

Andy Holliday – Bass

How long have you been playing together for?

We formed in 2013 as a two piece then a 3 piece on occasion, not playing too much. We only really had a four piece band consistently since our first single launch last October, so it feels like it kind of started properly around then.

How did the band form?

It actually started out as a fringe show, I had taken some time out from performing and had just 5 new songs. I’d always wanted to sing alongside a dancer, so i asked a mutual friend of mine Lily May if she’d be interested, she was keen and we took it from there.

The show was really successful, we got nominated for the ‘RTRFM Pete Wentz Gold Star Endowment Award’, for Best Performance at Perth Fringe 2013 in any/all categories. 

After the show was over Willem and I wanted to keep playing together, I had written more songs so we slowly took it from there.

What is your personal history with music – how did you start playing etc?

I started writing and playing guitar at 13, when i discovered my mums old 12 string Epiphone in the house one day. I moved to Melbourne and lived in Europe with it for 4 years before ever played a live gig – I was just way too nervous.

I came back to OZ in 2006 with the intention of perusing music. I started out solo in the open mic scene – as you do, and shortly after formed a folky roots trio called Miche Suite, we put out a couple of CD’s, got to the grand final of the 2008 Next Big Thing Comp and played Southbound Festival among others. We toured the state a lot playing and travelling regionally. I was also booking/promoting a lot of monthly music nights back then too, like ‘Soulbird Sessions’ in the Fly Trap and ‘Velvet Verses’ at The Velvet Lounge and annual summer gigs at The Railway Hotel.

What influences your sound?

I love pretty big epic sounding stuff like, The Jezabels, Pj Harvey, Arcade Fire, Lamb, Florence and the Machine, British India etc… that’s what I’m kind of going for with the band. Solo I’m quite minimal.

What influences your writing process

For the band i’m kind of running with the theme of our band name ‘The Regular Hunters’, the topic of mankind and our search for the meaning of life, observations of the way we live and have evolved.

My solo stuff is often more personal or whatever I feel at the time.

Is there a story behind the new single? 

‘Surreal’ is a love story about someone who decides to leave this world by transcending to a higher realm, consequently leaving their loved ones behind.

What was the process behind recording the new single?

My partner Matt Cal was finishing his last year in sound engineering at Leederville tafe so we recorded drums and bass there and the rest we did in our home studio with the final mix and master completed at Crank Studios with Lee Buddle.

We chipped away at this song and our last single Deep Demon Desire for about 6 months – a luxury and a curse doing it all yourself! It sounds pretty great though.

Favourite local bands?

Joni In The Moon, Methyl Ethel, The Floors, Night Signals, Mei Saraswati, Flower Drums, Apache, Dave Craft, Louis Inglis, Sam Carmody…

Records you can’t live without?

To name a few of my favourites; The Dandy Warhols ‘Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia’, Something For Kate ‘Elsewhere For 8 Minutes’, At The Drive in ‘Relationship Command’, Mazzy Star ‘So Tonight That I Might See’, Laura Marling ‘Alas i can Not Swim’, Emma Louise ‘Head Vrs Heart’ and everything of PJ Harvey’s!

Releases you’re looking forward to in 2015?

I am not that up with times! Sorry.. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Can I say a solo album from me and an EP from The Regular Hunters?