‘The Interview’ Air-Dropped Into North Korea

Words By: Finnian Williamson
Image Credit: Wired

It’s the movie that just won’t go away. Actually, it will go away if ol’ Kim Jong-Un just calmed his tightly run farm and let his people watch the movie. Claiming the film was a “wanton act of terror” – and that’s one of the positive reviews – The Interview screwed up its studio Sony Pictures big time. The stoner-comedy with stirring lines such as “they hate us cause they Anus” and “Honey-Dick” (a play on ‘Honeypot) is apparently terrorism, and we all know Kimmie wanted to blow up a few American cinemas if they went ahead and screened it (he should’ve waited till Birdman came out).

So if being threatened by the most powerful dictatorship of Earth doesn’t scare you, nothing will, and everyone’s favourite South Korean activist Lee Min-bok is going to show the people of North Korea this film the most beautiful way possible. By balloons. “I launched thousands of copies and about a million leaflets near the western part of the border” Mr Lee told news agency AFP last Saturday Park Sang-hak, the leader of Free North Korea, is also a balloon advocate stating “we just want to send a peaceful message” Following that inspiring statement with “honestly, I didn’t really enjoy watching the movie” probably wasn’t the smartest thing (YOU HAD ONE JOB) but the guy’s doing a good dead.

Last October North Korea shot down a bunch of pro-democracy balloons, so Lee Min-bok’s chances of spreading The Interview love are miniscule at best. Finding a DVD player with the correct region will be hard enough, but the unexpected journey The Interview’s provided us isn’t giving in.