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Reviewed by Matt Steyn

GRRL PAL, the electronic duo consisting of Danny K and Jay Le Kat, have been kicking around for some time now and are finally ready to release their highly anticipated debut EP.

It’s quite surprising really, considering the fact that the duo have received more than a few spins on the J’s and received international love from across the board, including an addition to a Buzzfeed list, that they’re only putting out an EP now. The key seems to have been consistency though, with the pair releasing a track a month since November 2014, each one unique in it’s own right, each one also being an absolute banger.

PARADISE more or less boasts 7 incredibly strong singles that exhibit GRRL PAL’s ability to create glitchy, electro-pop that’s authentic and genuinely engaging, if not completely absorbing.

Jay Le Kat’s ethereal vocals drift over slick, hook-heavy beats laden with textural synths that almost force you to click your fingers, stomp to the beat or tear off your shirt and dance like a mad man*.

PARADISE makes it painfully obvious that, although these songs were created in a bedroom, they’re evidently destined for the world stage.

GRRL PAL are launching their EP on Friday night at The Bird. Event info HERE.

Check out one of the singles from the EP below:

*dependent on state of inebriation