Aus Gov To Gift The Middle East With TV Drama About Illegal Immigration

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image Credit: ABC News

The Customs and Border Security Agency, together with Sydney based production company Put It Out There, are producing a TV drama series highlighting the perils of illegally travelling to Australia. The program is designed for broadcast in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan according to the ABC’s Margot O’Neill.

Trudi-Ann Tierney who works for Put It Out There spoke to ABC reporters about the nature of the program and its intentions. When asked about the plot, Ms Tierney allegedly referred reporters to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Ms Tierney was involved in the production of a TV series designed for audiences in Kabul with a strong anti-terrorist message. According to O’Neill’s article, Ms Tierney refers to herself as a “propaganda merchant” in her 2014 memoirs, directly discussing PSYOPS operations.

Spokespeople for the Refugee Council of Australia have gone on record to denounce the plans for the film, along with a professor from the National Museum. Peter Dutton, Immigration minister, is of the persuasion that Australia must remain vigilant against “the boats”.