Hilary Clinton Running For 2016 Presidency

Words by: Sarah Ison
Image credit: Opposingviews

Hilary Clinton announced her 2016 democratic presidential bid on Sunday, declaring her campaign not in a press conference, but rather via her twitter account, on which she announced  “I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.

This was accompanied by the launching of her campaign website, and a two minute video. The video featured dozens of Americans speaking about their aspirations and hopes for the future, and finished with Clinton’s appearance, and her announcement that she has aspirations of her own, specifically, presidency.

The video was rather clichéd in its showcase of people from a great multitude of races going about their every day lives, and ending in the typical democratic line of being ‘for the ordinary American’, as Clinton herself proudly says. In many ways, this approach seems to respond to critics of Clinton claiming that ‘one of her biggest challenges will be to show a more down-to-earth side and…connect with ordinary voters’.

This will be Clinton’s second run for the White House, and probably the sixty-seven year old’s last. Clinton already has the backing of the current president Barack Obama, who declared that Ms Clinton would “make an excellent president”  at a press conference at the Summit of Americas.

Clinton’s first rally will be held in May, kicking off the campaign in Iowa.