Gillard Gabs On Game Of Thrones

Words By: Jack Dawson
Image Credit: ABC News

Well well well, looks like I’m an even more unimaginative hack than I thought, it appears that even our former Prime Minister has jumped on reviewing the hit TV show Game of Thrones. No, really, this is a thing that has happened.

Needless to say it’s hilarious in hindsight given her own particular history of being shuffled around the party leadership, and one could read a very interesting parallel between the triumphant Tony Abbott now dealing with budget losses and internal strife and Tywin Lannister being shot on the shitter after his gold mines have run dry.

And speaking from experience, it’s not half bad.
She’s a fan of the series as it turns out, and it shows in the review. Nary a single mistake is made regarding locations or names, and there are more than a few shout outs to the book as well. Though I would argue that it’s a little sparse for a review, doesn’t do much else other than summarize the episode, but it’s a decent effort nonetheless.

Honestly I’m just surprised she has the taste for political intrigue after her stint in Australian politics, but who knows, maybe we can look forward to her review of the new Stars Wars film soon after.