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It’s All About The Tasty Bits: Distrykt Coffee.

Words by: Paula Connell
Image credit: Paula Connell

Distrykt Coffee has embraced a growing niche in the Australian hospitality market, the ‘grab and go approach’. Opening in early 2015, four months on the company is blooming and growing in its niche market area.

With an atmosphere of warmth and wholesomeness, Distrykt is located in the northern suburb of Beldon. Don’t expect a full sit down breakfast however; instead the food is an array of easy to eat meals prepared fresh every morning. From pulled pork sliders, three cheese muffins, tandoori chicken sandwiches and raspberry and banana bread the food is healthy and delicious.

Owner Lea Jamieson spoke about her strategy and aims to enter this competitive market. Lea’s dream to open her own store began while working in the medical industry for the last five years:

“What kept me going every morning was going to my local coffee shop and my first cup of coffee… gave me like a breath of fresh air… Why can’t I do that? Why can’t I make somebody else’s day as good they made mine”.

From this simple thought the birth of Distrykt began.

After some research and time working in kitchens to understand the running’s of a café, Lea’s aim at how she wanted to target her business was clear.

“Grab and go, good wholesome balanced nutritious food, good suppliers… service with a smile, they’re important” she said.

Working through word of mouth and personal communication in the local area, Distrykt has become an evocative place, with the rich smell of coffee and the display layout of varying delicacies that look amazing and taste even better. Lea explains the niche aspect of her company through the simple bacon and egg roll:

“There is nothing nicer than a healthy sandwich that’s got free range eggs, lean bacon, relish, taste, crusty bread made artisan way”.

It’s all about the little tasty bits at Distrykt and that’s what makes this place unique.

However don’t expect a chain growth anytime soon, Lea was clear she wanted to remain with one café however growth through technology is a clear opening for Distrykt. The use of text message orders is perhaps the next move. It would open up a huge customer service advantage. Being open to the busy and constantly changing schedules of customers, Distrykt can become that constant comfort for any customer, where there is good food and even better coffee.

Distrykt is focused around supplying good quality in all aspects of hospitality to their customers. To be in a place centred on your needs is exactly what good hospitality is about, so with the winter months coming and those morning coffees tasting even warmer, Distrykt is the perfect place to visit.

For more information visit Distrykt’s Facebook.