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This week we caught up with Apache’s lead singer Tim Gordon and discussed pocket beers, Jack Nelson from Black Stone and what has influenced Apaches sound. Apache is playing at the Rotunda Showcase tomorrow night at Babushka in Leederville, event details here.

How did Apache form?
We all used to play in a couple of different bands together that became a bit stagnated in one way or another, and doing some music in between the ferocious competition that is the game of mario party seemed like a wise idea.

Where did the name come from?
To be honest I was watching a show called “I am Alan partridge” and he created a failed business named Apache productions which I liked the sound of. I really wish it was more interesting…but it really isn’t haha

What influenced the bands sound?
A lot of Queens of the Stone Age, bit of led zep, lots of Terry Pratchett (may he rest in eternal bliss). The main thing is that all 5 of us have radically different musical influences which really keeps things interesting. Jake has got most of his from growing up as a young boy in the 1800s, Dan only listens to jazz (or so he would have you believe), Lee probably has the closest musical influences in regards to what the band actually sound like because he’s the brains, and at the moment Will and I are very into dreadful Pop music from the 90s.

Tell us about your latest/last release…
Our last release was the Vultures single which we just kinda chucked out into the world with a video at the end of last year for fun. We haven’t actually released all that much, 4 tracks all up technically, but we will be looking to rectify that real soon.

Best gig you’ve been to in the last 6 months?
Probably St Vincent at laneway, that was absolutely next level. But local styles Id probably have to say, I think it was Fait, Moana and HYLA at mojos, I might be a little off with that lineup though. Either that or any gig that Apollo son is playing.

Top 4 local bands (and dis) right now?
Apollo son
Hideous sun demon
And Hot Rock Dj’s

What makes Perth worthwhile for local bands/artists?
There is a great appreciation for art and music in perth which is super amazing. But my favourite thing is that most of the people involved in these various scenes won’t just sit back and scoff at what they don’t understand, they will strive to figure out what is going on in front of them and why other people are enjoying it. Even if someone doesn’t understand “why” people like a band or “why” something in particular is considered art, most of the time ‘in Perth’ people will still support the art or the band because that is the Perth community.

That was pretty convoluted but I hope that comes across alright

Have you trademarked your “pocket beer” ?
It’s definitely on the cards, I’ve had a lot of trouble getting it past the evil powers that be at both the pocket and beer lobby, but a boy can dream.



What is it like to have Jack Nelson (Black Stone) as a committed side chick?
He’s more than just a side chick or kick (I don’t know what you were going for with that) he is the reason I wake up in the morning, the whistle from every bird, the yawn of every Labrador puppy, he is my world…he’s pretty good at throwing up in my backyard too.

Whats coming up for Apache? (new releases, shows etc. ?)
We have a new ep coming out soon and will have a buttload of shows to support that all over the place. But the release has been delayed for a little while, so I really have no clue what’s happening at the moment.

Why should people see your guys live?
The ever present threat of Lee’s headstock making my mouth bleed again.