Snoop Dog Invests In Weed Delivery App

Words By: Freya Parr

World-renowned rapper, reggae artiste, and self-acclaimed “King of Kush”, Snoop Dogg has announced that he has invested millions in new medical marijuana delivery app, named Eaze. Leaving the world of rap towards a new career path to coincide with his other hobby, Snoop’s new venture promises to deliver the required dosage of said “plant” to your door in under 20 minutes. That’s faster than a double crust margarita from Domino’s kids.

The answer to every comatose couch-ridden stoner’s problem, Eaze has a selection of various different strands of l’herb. From “Blueberry Jack” and “AK-47” weed, to cannabis chocolate bars and lozenges, this speedy little app has it all. Following the likes of ever-growing taxi app Uber, Eaze has the motto of “easy, safe, and professional”, performing background-checks on all drivers involved, and the app features a 2 way rating service.

It is unsurprising that Snoop Dogg has got behind this operation, after recently launching a campaign to find and hire a full-time blunt roller for himself and his entourage, with annual pay of $100,000 and a 3 year contract. In describing this “Wrapper for a Rapper” contest, Snoop stated that “the new employee must be able to travel at a moment’s notice and roll blunts faster than Yosemite Sam.” This app is the next step in ensuring that Snoop never has to leave his chair for anything green.

Currently the app is limited to San Francisco, and specifically only medical marijuana patients who are legally allowed to buy weed in the state. However, there is real potential to expand the business, with more and more states legalising by the day, and other countries considering following suit. Eaze claims to have already made 30,000 deliveries in San Francisco since its launch in Summer 2014, and with an iconic stoner like Mr Dogg himself at the helm of the business, it will undoubtedly go from strength to strength.