University Of QLD Connecting Scientific Community, AUS Public With Free Climate Change Course

Words by: Tom Munday
Image credit: SBS

The ongoing war between climate change belief and denial continues to pull major punches.

According to The Guardian, the University of Queensland is offering a free online course examining the science of climate change denial.

Making Sense of Climate Change Denial, beginning April 28th, serves as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) featuring researchers from the USA, UK, and Canada including Sir. David Attenborough.

Unit Coordinator, and UOQ Global Change Institute climate communication fellow, John Cook – founder of climate change myth debunking site Skeptical Science – says the course would provide a thorough understanding of relevant geographical and political issues.

“97 per cent of climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming; however, less than half of Australians are aware of humanity’s role in climate change, while half of the US Senate has voted that humans aren’t causing global warming.” Mr. Cook said.

“This free course explains why there is such a huge gap between the scientific community and the public.”

The class is Australian universities’ latest stance against rising tuition fees over the next five years.

According to the Age, the Federal Government has vowed to push ahead with stalled higher education reforms.

Thousands of students from over 130 countries have already signed up to the class.

According to UOQ website, Cook’s research paper, covering the scientific consensus of climate change, was ranked 11th in the list of most talked about papers of 2013.

Last year, US President Barack Obama addressed a crowd of 2000 students and politicians at UOQ about the young person’s impact on the environment.