Planet Video Closes Its Doors

One more down. It’s farewell to another Mt Lawley Institution – Planet Video.

Any mildly passionate film buff or cool kid on Beaufort street will look at Planet Video as the father figure of rental stores. Still maintaining that retro American video store vibe, Planet has served Perth’s community with its seemingly infinite selection of movies – obscure cult classics, indie Australian flicks, timeless world masterpieces – making it the go-to place for that film you won’t find anywhere else. Far more inviting than your standard rental chain, the staff were always ready with a passionate and knowledgeable answer. Open till late every day with probably the best rental store advertisements ever to grace our papers, Planet knew and loved film.

The iconic Planet Books doors are still open, but the Planet family is steadily dwindling. Beaufort street residents will remember the days of the video store extending onto the lot that’s now cruelly taken by yet another Mexican food franchise. The days of Planet Music being bumped around to are fading. Planet Clothes! Daily Planet, Planet’s café!

However, despite all the unique experiences Planet had to offer, even it could not escape the current tidal wave of Netflix and the like swallowing DVD stores nationwide. A much loved, independent video store that stood proud in Perth’s pop culture loving community – Planet Video was a gem.

Planet Video will close its doors in very early May and will be selling much of its incredible range of stock. As Planet says, “we would love to see you all come and say farewell and celebrate our love for books, music, film and all things culture”.


See you there.