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INTERVIEW: Roller Hockey With Andrew Russel

Words By: Maria Odufuye

On the 19th of April I was lucky enough to witness a comical game of ‘street roller hockey’ between ‘Como’ at me bro’ and the Freo Fussy Puckers. The Freo Fussy Puckers may have won by an outstanding 22-9 but ‘Como at me bro’ is a team where the girls score awesome goals and the guys spend a fair bit of time face planting the pitch. “Como” at me bro love to win but they aren’t just in it for the victory, but for the love of the game.

Captain, Andrew Russell is fast on his blades and clearly has his team are enjoying themselves no matter what’s thrown at them. This match stopped for no one, they experienced broken blades and snapped sticks mid match, but continued to glide across the pitch smiling at every obstacle. Work hard, play hard is a clear motto of these guys, it’s all Emu exports and shots the night before a game but when their on the pitch it’s all about ‘teamwork to make the dreamwork’. ‘Como at me bro’ represent exactly what Roller Hockey is about, you don’t have to be the best hockey player but you do have to know how to have fun. I had the pleasure of getting the ins and outs from the Prince of the pitch himself, Andrew Russell.


For those who don’t know, what exactlly is Roller Hockey?

It’s pretty much a social league that we play, its four aside hockey used with a puck and a standard ice hockey stick. So we play on roller blades and then go and find any free court or street that we can play on. Get a couple of crates and chuck them in the goals and have a game against another team that we’ve set up to play against.

How did you get involved and why?

A few of my brothers mates started a team last season and I came to discover it’s a lot more social and fun than what I thought. It sounds like a fairly nerdy thing to do and pretty boring but from going to a few of the games its actually really fun and more about the social event, everyone comes down to watch and it’s good to get together with your friends and just enjoy it.

Describe your team in three words.

That’s a tough one…one is hungover, loud (because of Fanny) and very basic.

How did you come up with your team name?

We struggled with the name, because most of the names are based on the suburbs. We tossed up a few an Como is a suburb that we all seem to live around so with that we kind of just came together and had a brain storm between all of us. Then Como was probably the favourite from all of us.

Who are your biggest rivals?

Biggest rivals… will probably be Bull Creek Butt Chuggers cause they beat us in the first round and we feel pretty confident we can beat them and probably my brothers mates team cause, you always wanna beat them right?

Is Roller Hockey the next big thing in Perth?

Well yeah, definitely the league has grown from about 10 teams in the first season to about 64 teams this season so about 25 more teams have added on this season. The past four seasons have grown massively so yeah its good for the sub culture of Perth I suppose.

There you have it, from a team who actively takes part in Roller Hockey, I say everyone gets on board and participates in one way or another, buy some roller blades or just bring the beer to the game and cheer on your favourite team. Roller Hockey is taking over the streets of Perth, the rest of WA might just be next.