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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Odlaw – Soup Herb

Odlaw are one of those bands that just seem to have it together. Sure, their lineup consists of some of Perth’s best (and nicest) musicians, but there’s something underneath the experience and organisation, a sound that just clicks from the get go.

Soup Herb, the band’s brilliantly titled debut EP, exhibits the well-crafted songwriting Odlaw have gained a reputation for, displaying their ability to push the boundaries of indie rock while still maintaining undeniably strong pop sensibilities.

From the driving guitars and immense drumming on Epic to the intimate, breathtaking and brutally honest lyrical structure of Die Young Girls, Odlaw have delivered an EP that humbly boasts of their intrinsic ability to produce music that feels as though it should be at home on the world stage.

Soup Herb is, in a single bout, heart warming, noisy and captivating, with a tongue-in-cheek delivery that is endearing from start to finish.


Words By Matt Steyn