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INTERVIEW: Mt Mountain

This week we had a chat to Glenn from Mt Mountain, the band behind one of Perth’s most unique and recognisable sounds. Keep a look out for these guys, they are going places.

Who is Mt Mountain?

Derrick & Glenn on Guitars, Steve does vocals and organ, Brendan on bass and Thomas on drums.

How did you form?

We all met through skateboarding – aside from Thomas, who we asked to join the band after he came to every show for about a year or so.

How long have you been around for?

We started jamming early in 2012. I think we played our first show as the four-piece late that year.

Where did the name come from?

It was [the] combination of a suggestion from a friend, to use an unused name he had come up with for a band of his; and recently watching the film “Holy Mountain”.  We basically took the concept of his suggestion and applied it to the other word.

What influences your sound?

So many things, we’ve never really had a goal to sound a certain way – we all listen to a pretty diverse range of music and are always into different bands at different times. Generally our songs are written from jams that start with a small idea or riff from one of us and then everyone puts there part on top so most of time the songs end up as a concoction of all the different sounds we’re all into.

Records you’ve got on repeat now, or always?

The Myrrors and Moon Duo’s new albums are both great. And I’m always listening to Spacemen 3.

Local bands you love?

Fait are definitely a band that everyone needs to go and see live, they’re doing some things in Perth that no one else is doing. The Spunloves are a great new band. Also, Methyl Ethel, Puck & French Rockets always kill it.

Releases you’re looking forward to?

Very much looking forward to the release of the Methyl Ethel album and the Debut Spunloves EP and excited for the new Jacco Gardener record too!

Can we expect anything new from you sometime soon?

We have just finished the tracking for our debut full-length album over the weekend. Hard to say just yet when it will be ready for release but will definitely be sometime in the not too distant future.

Check out one of Mt Mountains latest releases below:



Interviewed By Matt Steyn