Melbourne Suburb Seeking To Secede Australia

Words by: Laurent Shervington
Image credit: Cloudfront

The Melbourne suburb of Point Cook has started a petition to be declared an independent nation from Australia and become a Constitutional Monarchy.

The suburb which is located in Melbourne’s south-western outskirts is sick of the failures of its government to allocate resources to Employment Opportunities, Police Presence, Secondary Schools, Recreational Facilities, Telecommunications and Transport Infrastructure and plans to model their campaign on the independent Monaco.

The population of just under 44,000 has gained a lot of support since the launch of the petition 3 weeks ago and has set up a website in order to educate its residents and the general public on the misgivings being carried out on the bay suburb.

The website claims the Police Resources for the suburb is half the state average and the residential and school areas have been merged causing a large amount of pressure on its roads and families.

While Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has labelled the ordeal “ambitious”, at the time of writing this, the petition has reached 541 supporters and is growing by the minute.

Will the petition be passed through? Only time will tell.