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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: ‘New Heavy EP’ – Edie Green

Reviewed By Matt Slowhands

Hold on to your hairpieces, this one is a hurricane. It’s going to steam through your earholes like a syrupy pancake. Seriously, get a copy of this sultry little EP now and get it in you!

Every song is so far removed from the previous and even further removed from the following, exhibiting the band’s disparate influences and growing abilities. They’ve always been good musicians, but their transition from human to spiritual beings is more evident than ever.

Drumming faster and tighter than you’ll ever hear combined with steaming hot bass lines that lock in for sections and just do their own thing for others, make for an unbelievably interesting and complex rhythm section.

Sophie Wiegele’s vocal performance across the EP is something to behold all on it’s own though. Drifting from dreamy, summery harmonies to hard-hitting, powerhouse choruses as seamlessly as she does, makes this EP of largely different songs ‘fit’ together.

There also has to be a special mention for Conor McErlean’s guitar shredding. Track to track he sounds like a caged panther longing to flex his strength, but it’s only on the title track for this EP that he really lets loose, devouring every small child in his way.

Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times for this one because it’s one hell of a ride.