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REVIEW: Club Sandwich @ The Bakery

Reviewed By: Laurent Shervington
Image Credits: Kieran Mac Farlene

Elli Schoen opened the nights proceedings with an entrancing set of well crafted tunes, each one dripping with a sense of honesty and earnest that can be hard to find in a singer-songwriters style. Schoen was accompanied by an excellent backup drummer, who complemented her playing style and really brought out the edge in her music.

Mei Saraswati14

Next up was the always fantastic Mei Saraswati who brought her vast collection of tunes to the Bakery stage. Saraswati’s highly engaging blend of RnB with middle- eastern vocal scales and infectious grooves really moved the crowd-quite literally as it seemed no one in vicinity was able to keep still in what was a standout performance. Between songs Saraswati joked about going to a job interview for Captain Cook Cruises and portrayed a very down-to-earth persona which allowed the audience to relax and really get into the performance.


Local rapper Mathas hit the stage with his collection of stage props including a large gramophone and various other antiques to give the crowd a journey through his now well established catalogue. Debuting new song “Free Shit” with production by the aforementioned Mei Saraswati, the crowd held their breath and took in every bar as the energetic wordsmith swaggered around the stage. Mathas’s new content sounded incredible in this setting and one can only hope the release of the track will be accompanied by a lyric sheet to yield some kind of insight into the brain of the very talented lyricist.

Koi Child14-3

Koi Child was up next, bringing some immense BadBadNotGood vibes to the evening with a group of energetic and horn backed nu-jazz. Mc Shannon Patterson rode the instrumentals well, doing an excellent job to marry the beats well with his smooth flow. At one point the horns were ditched to form some sort of choir/acapella interlude which showed the boys weren’t taking proceedings too seriously and laughed off the ridiculous nature of the stunt. Koi Child also played their new single “Black Panda” which got crowd involvement to an all time high as the audience let their bodies reflect this highly engaging live performance.


The final act of the evening Catlips brought the funk with her groove filled DJ set. The electronic-house artist restarted the party with some very danceable and experimentally tinged tracks which brought some heavy bass rattles and dreamy synths to the dance floor. While Catlips from the offset seemed very disinterested in audience interaction, her set of solid house beats brought the night to a end on a very satisfying note.