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CLOUD NINE: The Best Nine Tracks From April


The Mountain Goats – Southwestern Territory

The new Mountain Goats album came as a welcome surprise, not only in terms of receiving new content from the group, but also thematically. “Beat the Champ” is a pro-wrestling themed album and while this has the potential to be incredibly gimmicky, the result is another excellent album by the group. Case in point is the first single : “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero” where Darnielle is accompanied by a classic sounding Mountain Goats progression and speaks of his childhood hero Guerrero, while contrasting him with his late abusive stepfather. The track perfectly sums up the albums subject matter and focus as well as displaying Darnielle’s vivid lyricism is in full force.


Her – Quite Like

Look, I’ll be upfront about it. If you’re looking for a song to get down to, look no further. French duo Her are taking the ‘let the music do the talking’ approach, so aside from this sexy debut single and a picture of a naked woman, there’s very little information available about them, but that suits me just fine. You’ll see what I mean.


Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

The title track from Stevens’ latest offering see’s a trip back to his ‘Seven Swans‘ era. Mixing breathtaking harmonies, spindly banjo instrumentation and vivid synth arrangements, Stevens seems to be at some sort of pinnacle here, drawing on all of his albums. This may well be the best release from 2015.



Kissing Booth- Sets and Props

Melbourne emo influenced indie rock band Kissing Booth released their new album “Never Settle” last month on Bandcamp and have shown the influence of bands like American Football and Cap’n Jazz in their single “Sets and Props”. The song has interesting change up towards the middle section and the builds to a climactic and intense finish. Kissing Booth will be one to watch in the future with a new collection of songs with a potential for those familiar with the more emotionally charged area of indie rock.


Gang of Youths Restraint & Release

The fourth single from their just-released and exceptional debut album The Positions, this is yet another stomper from Brisbane crew Gang of Youths. Brighter than previous releases, but with the same rolling drumbeats, snarling guitars and unique vocal texture, it’s even more proof that these guys are here to stay. Don’t miss them at Jimmy’s Den on May 29th.


Holy Holy – You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog

Taken from their upcoming LP, Holy Holy’s new single is a perfect balance between 80’s pop and new wave experimental sounds. Driving guitar lines, soaring vocals and intimate instrumental breaks make this one of the most genuinely exciting releases of late. Also, that guitar solo….wow.



Koi Child-Black Panda

Local nu-jazz/hip hop 7-piece Koi Child came out with a new track this month which establishes them as one of Perth’s grooviest and coolest groups. MC Shannon Patterson employs an energetic and expressive flow, weaving its way through the layers of saxophones, bass rattles and pounding drum beat to great effect. Koi Child have a few upcoming shows planned and Black Panda has potential to become crowd favourite amongst their growing catalogue of tunes. Listen to Black Panda HERE.


Rachel Claudio – The Hey Ya Flip

She’s being hanging out in France a little bit, but Rachel Claudio still calls Perth home, and she’ll be back in May to perform at the Perth International Jazz Festival. As long as she plays this remix of the Andre 3000/Outkast classic, I’ll be a happy man. With nothing pre-recorded, every layer is looped, cued and manipulated live by Claudio herself. The result is crazy impressive – check it out for yourself.


Sully – Into The Breach 

These guys have been hanging around playing in garages and rehearsal spaces for the last few years, but have just started to step out into the light. The new single has an obvious 90’s hardcore/emo feel and that alone has turned more than just a few heads. The fact that they’re outstanding songwriters baring their souls? Well, that’s just the next layer to who they are.


Chosen By: Laurent Shervington, Matt Norman, Matt Steyn & Stephanie Main