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REVIEW: Katie J White @ Mojos

Katie J White – EP Launch @ Mojos – Sunday 3rd May
Reviewed by: Molly Schmidt
Image credits: Kieran MacFarlane

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She certainly had the crowd stomping their muddy feet at Fairbridge Folk Festival last month, so I was extra keen to see Katie J White’s EP launch at Mojos Bar in Fremantle on Sunday. The five-piece band describe themselves as tasteful, dynamic, contemporary and full of soul, and judging by the turnout which was pretty great for a Sunday, Fremantle was keen get amongst it.

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I was feeling pretty weary by Sunday evening, and with the stormy weather outside I had been planning on taking it easy by the side of the stage with my notebook and pen. However right from the opening song in which Katie called on all “free spirits” I was drawn to stand at the front of the dance floor and alternate between crazy dancing and writing notes, the punchy vocals and twanging electric guitar giving me a hit of new found energy. This first song was Gypsy, the single from the band’s new EP and the walking bass and deep saxophone had the crowd swinging hips and bopping heads from the get go.

Katie J White @ mojos ep launch28-12

Teasing us after such an energetic opening, the slower start of their second song, Truth, had the crowd gently swaying as Damian Denyer’s gliding saxophone filled the room. Mo Wilson’s bluesy keyboard varied from pretty accompaniments to crazy fast solos and Katie’s heartfelt lyrics were both sweet and hard hitting, like the cider in my hand.

“We’ve all pushed through the shit times and here we are enjoying life,” Katie said when she introduced her song Warrior. Drummer Scott Koctumba picked the song up from pure and dreamy to a rocking dance and Daniel Hearn’s guitar solo had the crowd head banging and wolf whistling. Barefoot and eyes closed, with his long hair, he looked a bit like Jesus, and Katie had to remind enthusiastic girls calling from the side that he belonged to her, thank you very much.

The last song of the set was the final track of the record, “Nothing to Decide” and we were given the liberty to determine if it were “romantic or naughty” ourselves. The crowd raised the roof, asking for “three more, four more, five more!” so we were blessed with an encore song, that saw the crowd crazy dancing, and the band breathless. We left feeling like the goddesses and warriors that Katie’s songs told us we were.

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