One Nation Party Seeks to Change Its Name

Words by: Freya Hall
Image credit: SBSnews

Right-wing political party One Nation has applied to have its name changed back to ‘Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’. Hanson has claimed that this change has nothing to do with her ego, stating: “I have no ego… But I think people relate to me.”

Ms Hanson established the party in 1997 with David Oldfield and David Ettridge, but resigned as leader of the party in 2002 due to an internal dispute, and in order to focus on her trial for electoral fraud. However, in November 2014, after a 12-year hiatus, Ms Hanson was reappointed as leader of the party “due to popular demand.”

At the height of its popularity the party won 11 seats of Queensland Parliament’s 89 seats on the back of a populist, anti-multiculturalism, and conservative platform. Ms Hanson missed out on the seat of Lockyer in the 2015 Queensland state election but has stated that she intends to put forward candidates in every state at the next federal election.