Cousins to Face Court Twice this Week

Words by: Paula Connell
Image Credit: ABC News

Trouble never stops for former West Coast Eagles player, Ben Cousins.

Cousin’s appeared in court yesterday on charges of trespassing and property damage committed in March this year.

Reports released today show that Cousins, 36, appeared in the Armadale Courthouse. However he was not required to enter and plea and appears in court again on June 26.

After a stem of legal problems since 2007 his latest offences show a serious downfall that started from a list of off-field offences and substance abuse problems.

This Wednesday Cousins is due to appear in the Fremantle Courthouse on charges of reckless driving, failing to stop, and refusing a breath test. This incident in March made headlines as Cousins lead police on a chase from Bicton to Mosman Park.

Magistrate Steven Malley has warned Cousins that he could be facing jail time if convicted of the traffic offences.