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REVIEW: Moana “Golden Orb” Music Video

Words By: Sam Farringdon

Image Credit: Moana Facebook Page

Moana’s “Golden Orb” – it’s got spunk, doesn’t it? It swings and rolls, like a Cadillac on a vast desert highway, burning rubber and spinning it’s wheels, before leaving a dust storm in it’s wake. The guitars crunch, the bass throbs, and the drums propel the forward movement – it’s a swagger that leads from the crotch. The star is undoubtedly front woman Moana Lutton, who captivates with her delivery – all femme fatale and seductive whispers one minute, screaming blue murder the next, like a woman possessed, before driving deep into the recesses of the darkness to dig out your soul with a tenderness that still hints at vulnerability. It’s a masterful performance, really, and one that should make those beyond the Nullarbor wake up and take notice.

If there’s a filmmaker making better video clips in Perth than Luna Laure for Via Luna Pictures, well, I haven’t seen them. The hallmarks of her evocative (and provocative) close up cinematography (shot by Dave LeMay), so stylish and sensual, are on fine display here – primping Lutton like a rock n roll queen ripped straight from the pages of a French Vogue magazine. The clip’s moody fluoros play perfectly into the sexy underbelly of the song’s grungey thrust and wallop, while the dreamy cutaways capture the imagination as much as every time Lutton spits the word “fuck”.

If “Golden Orb” is an odd fit in the current musical landscape, it’s boldness and brashness hints at an ambition and fluidity beyond it’s means. Moana’s trajectory is wide open and, right now, they are one of the hottest bands in this sleepy little deathtoll town to watch. If you disagree, just go see them live. And if you still disagree, well, I’ll fight you.