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Interviewed by: Laurent Shervington
Image credit: Moanamoana.bandcamp

How did everyone meet and how long have you been a band?
We’ve been together about 2 years as a band, before that I was sort of doing my own solo stuff. I knew our drummer Lochy through friends of friends; and he was only 17 when we  started the band. Javan was an extra in one of my film clips “Days in Cage” before the band and agreed to play bass.  Our most recent member Beau has been with us since the end of year and, was the sound engineer on our first EP.

What albums have you guys been listening to at the moment?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Glass Animals, very groovy stuff.  (laughs) I’ve always got records by the Doors playing in my room on my record player and I’ve been also been getting into a band called Wolf Alice lately. There’s a local band called the Filthy Apes who released an EP recently and I’ve been listening to that in my car a lot lately.

How would you describe your sound?
I always find it hard to put into words but generally if I were describing it to someone it would be very dark, atmospheric and slightly strange art rock.

So you’re running a crowd funding campaign for a new trilogy of EPs? How is it going and what is the money going towards?
Yeah, its been going pretty good, a little slower than expected but I’m hoping with the next 2 weeks everyone will kick into action and take it seriously. Its basically to help fund the rest of our EP which will be a cross fusion of music, video/visual art and a theatrical performance.

Can you tell me more about what this music/visual/theatre fusion will entail?
The project is a three-part trilogy of EPs, with three different music videos, linked by poetry or thematic symbols that the more discerning listener will pick up on. In visual art, there will be three pieces of visual art that will all be linked in at the end by our artist from Copenhagen. The theatre performances are also similar in that each launch is a different take on the songs for that part. It’s very much a collaborative process with actors, dancers and poets to come together to give an experience. There’s a lot going on! (laughs)

The tracks “golden orb” and “magenta dust” have a very atmospheric/dark vibe to them, was that something you were purposefully going for when writing them? Did you take a different approach to song writing when you guys put these together?
The older songs we recorded really can’t help but be dark, but its not intentional. I don’t know why but I’ve always been attracted to dark subject matters and spooky, eerie vibes. I think creatively its what I am always drawn to.

Would you attribute this style to any particular artist or creative influence?
I’ve travelled a lot through the Middle East and I have a multicultural background in New Zealand, so for me the idea of tribal, indigenous and otherworldly sounds has always inspired me.

I had a look at the website and you guys had some pretty cool rewards for donations like “awkward family portrait” and the “date night”, did you have any other ideas for rewards that didn’t make it?
(laughs) We wanted to have lap dancers, not from me but the boys, but that was not allowed (laughs). We also came up with the idea to potentially make the donator tacos and costumes for people. There’s too many crazy and whack ideas we could have done. We though those were reasonable, but also ridiculous at the same time (laughs).

 When can we expect EP2 and EP3 to be released?
The Second Part of the Trilogy will be launch on July 25th at the Bird and September will be the release for the final part.

Do you guys have any live dates coming up?
We’re playing at the State of the Art festival on the 30th of May next and we’re supporting a band called Lurch & Chief coming over from Melbourne soon, which should a lot of fun.

You can listen to the first part of “The Trilogy of The Black Monsoon” here

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