Young Radio DJ’s DIY Station has over 1 Million Listeners

Words by: Finnian Williamson

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A few weeks ago you may have heard the story of Black Summer. The 11 year old bass-dropping prodigy’s home made beats are being played on Triple J, and he even performed at this year’s Groovin The Moo in Canberra.

It seems nothing will stop this kid from getting his talent out there – and now there’s Lewis Harrison. Sure, Harrison’s definitely older than Black Summer at the ripe-old age of 20, but this Brisbane-based radio DJ is receiving over a million listeners from his own Internet based radio station with nothing but a simple laptop and microphone. Since starting up the show in 2012 Harrison has listeners from 21 countries on his station 4WOW .

With a mix of local politics, music and interviews, Harrison’s main intent for 4WOW has been to engage with the local community.

“I wanted to do something here in Moreton Bay that was interesting and different for the community. Now I have a small team working for me – and we work hard, 24/7 to provide a good mix”.

Harrison works on-air and behind the scenes with his UK-based producer Steve Cook, but manages to receive feedback from one of America’s most famous radio personalities, Howard Stern.

“I’ve spoken to Howard many times and he gives me advice. We get promotion production from the US to give a more global stance too”.

Here’s hoping Lewis Harrison and Black Summer team up and provide us with one banger-filled station in the near future.