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REVIEW: Photo Bomb Live Exhibition

Review By: Tim Mead

Image Credits: Kieran MacFarlane & Tim Mead

FEATURED ARTISTS: Kuan Jia, Sarah McCloskey, KZAM, Keia Morrison and Sam Bloor.

Photo Bomb is an intriguing concept. Five local artists have two hours to put their unique twist on photographs provided by Ian & Erick Regnard, all the while, some of Perth’s best local bands shred the back room. When I arrived, the artists were midway through their work, the brightly lit room was completely packed with spectators.

Image Credit: Kieran MacFarlane
Image Credit: Kieran MacFarlane

Unable to move I found my way to the dimly lit band room and settled in for the next few hours. This was my first time at Little Wing Corner Gallery, and considering the epidemic of music venues shutting down in Perth, I’m glad this one has survived, vintage furniture and graffiti covered walls, sending good vibes from the start.

Photobomb 2
Image Credit: Kieran McFarlane

Kashikoi kicked the night off with their own spin on nu-jazz, locking into solid groves and effortlessly throwing solos around the band, each member proving they can hold their own. Their set was driven by chunky bass riffs, and Jamie Canny provided the majority of the melody with dreamy sax solos and hooks sprinkled throughout. Kashikoi have gained some well deserved hype, and I’m excited for what these guys do next.

Image Credit: Tim Mead

Dream Rimmy were a last minute inclusion for this show and I’m glad they were. I’ve heard heaps about this band and they don’t disappoint. The shoegazey dream rockers had the crowd engrossed in huge spacey jams which built with layered riffs throughout their set. The highlight for me were the vocal harmonies, which cut through over fuzzed out guitar to show the depth this band has.

Tim Mead

Next were Edie Green, off the back of their fresh EP “New Heavy” which dropped a few weeks ago. Sophie, the vocalist, started out on synth, giving us a taste of their groovier side, the crowed was thoroughly chilled and in awe of the silky smooth vocals. After a couple of tracks the band kicked into gear, with Sophie moving to the uke and acoustic guitar to give us a taste of their new EP, a blend of dance and indie pop, which transcended into gooey instrumental jams.

Tim Mead

Finally Mt. Mountain took the stage, equipped with their smoke machines and projector, performing in almost complete darkness they took the crowd on a psychedelic journey of acid trip riffs and delay soaked vocals. Having seen them grow over the last few years, its great to see Mt. Mountain gaining some serious hype, and they back it up with solid tracks which showcase Stephen’s voice and the band’s synergy.

Image Credit: Kieran MacFarlane
Image Credit: Kieran MacFarlane