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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Aborted Tortoise – EP

Words by: Laurent Shervington
Image credit: Aborted Tortoise

Listening to the new Aborted Tortoise EP is a bit like having an animated conversation with the dropout surfer kid from down the street; its pretty short, it involves a bit of yelling and you’re not 100% sure you believe everything he’s saying.

Of course I mean this in the best possible way, as the local surf-punk band have given us 8 strong tracks with enough fuzzed up guitar licks to match its wry and twisted sense of humour.

The first track “I Killed My Girlfriend” starts with a fierce battle cry/scream and launches into a bouncy fuzz groove, with front man Connor Lane claiming “I stabbed my baby in her head” with such playful delivery and explicit lyrics you can’t help but wonder if the song’s sentiment might actually be true.

The proceeding tracks “Chicks Dig Scabs” and “$35 (Would See Me Right)” follow up with slightly slower, medium paced vibes much like many of the songs on the new “Courtney Barnett” album and local surf rock comrades “Them Gold Blooms” latest release.

A criticism would be that some of the later tracks, in particular “Lawyerman” break the pace the album had built and settle for some slightly generic chord progressions and forgettable lyrics.

Standout track “Involuntary Euthanasia” does well to marry fast paced guitar chords with a pissed off vocal delivery, along with Aborted Tortoise’s signature fuzzy tone. The solo is also very groovy.

Aborted Tortoise is playing GIZZFEST this Saturday the 23rd with some other sick bands, be sure to grab tickets here.