Roller Hockey Enthusiasts Raising Funds To Cement In Unused Bowling Greens In Bayswater

Words by: Maria Odufuye
Image credit: Roller Hockey Facebook

Brace yourselves, as I can finally announce that the battle of the swan river has come to an end – we now have a victor.

The teamNorth Korea Street Hockey” take the title as best side of the river (at roller hockey) with an outstanding prevail of 3-1, if we want to get technical they bagged a huge 53 – 42.

The guys and girls representing the North and South sides of the river put on their best blades and used their lucky sticks in the most popular, exhilarating, no-rules-what-so-ever sport in WA (or perhaps just in Perth)… Street Roller Hockey.

The winners left, not only having achieved such a title, but also winning the Superior Side of the Swan Draught Cap. I know right, way better than a cup or a trophy!

Don’t thank me yet, there’s more to tell you: thanks to the massive turn out, the money raised will go towards pouring a concrete slab on one of Bayswaters unused bowling greens!

Hundreds flocked to Morley Rollerdome on the 17th May 2015 at precisely 4pm, which is where the victory took place. ‘North Korea Street hockey’ competed against ‘Southern Fried Chicken’, all of whom put everything they had into the game to proudly represent their side.

The two teams each put together four elite groups:
1. ALL STARS – best 16 players
2. ALL DUDS – worst 16 players
3. ALL CHIX – best ladies, and
4. TURB-PRO’s – best ice/inline players.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have another head to head and Southern Fried Chicken can redeem themselves…