Australian Company To Grow One Tonne of Medical Marijuana On Norfolk Island

Words by: Jonathon Davidson
Image credit: HighTimes

Australian company AusCann Group Holdings are utilising a loophole in Australian federal law and seeking to grow medical marijuana on Norfolk Island, an independent territory.

AusCann will then sell the marijuana to international buyers. According to this report, the first buyer interested in one tonne of the technically-Australian export is Canada.

Norfolk Island recently had the power to self-govern revoked in May this year under the Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Bill 2015.

The Australian government administrator of Norfolk Island, Gary Hardgrave, has the power to invalidate the legality of the trade agreement between AusCann and the Territory of Norfolk Island.

Hardgrave did exactly this last year when a separate company, ‘TasCann’, made a similar agreement with the Territory of Norfolk Island.

However, according to this report, AusCann have been granted a license.

A source professionally close to Mr. Hardgrave, interviewed by, indicated that he had no concerns Hardgrave would “turn around” and veto the agreement.