Fremantle ban on plastic bags blocked a second time by Liberal MP Peter Katsambanis

Words By: Luann Nilsson

Image Credit: ABC News

Fremantle’s second attempt to ban plastic bags is under threat as Liberal MP Peter Katsambanis moves to disallow. Mr Katsambanis has been quoted, “The City of Fremantle is not an island. If we’re going to ban plastic bags, let’s do it properly – and that’s at a state-wide level.” But Acting Mayor Josh Wilson insists in a statement released by Fremantle Council “there are several other local authorities, both in Western Australia and in other parts of the country, who are eagerly awaiting the outcome before they moved to implement similar laws…”

Fremantle Council passed the local law in March 2015. Mayor Brad Pettit wrote that he was confident all technicalities had been addressed. Fremantle Council’s first attempt to ban plastic bags in 2013 was struck out by Liberal and National MP’s in the Upper House after “debating whether it was appropriate for the council to impose such a ban.” Retailers were also required to charge customers 10 cents for an alternative bag.

The ban applies to bags made of polyethylene polymer less than 60 microns thick. The City of Fremantle expressed its “disappointment” at Mr Katsambanis’s decision. Saying, “if approved by the state government, the City of Fremantle would become the first local government in Western Australia to implement the law, which is already in place in other parts of the country.”

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