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LOCAL: The Pop-Up Space @ The Mezz, Mt. Hawthorn

Words by: Jon Davidson
Image credit: Gavin Carvalho

Spark * International have joined hands with the Mt Hawthorn Street Festival to bring the people of Perth The Pop-Up Space, a collaborative art-gallery-cross-performance-venue donated by The Mezz, the local community center.

Currently, all creatives are welcomed to use the space for pretty much everything, including music rehearsals, meetings, design projects, as a studio; or even for events.  There also is currently a call-out for all Perth artists  to donate artworks to the gallery which will remain in operation until the 5th of June. Local musicians from all walks are also welcomed to the use the temporary venue.

100% of proceeds go to Spark International, whom run a number of international programs in Africa.

This, in part, is what gives The Pop-Up Space its edge: the motives and bodies of funding behind it. Spark* International run startup programs in a number of countries such as Kenya, Papa New Guinea and South Africa; designed to enable young entrepreneurs seeking to change conditions of poverty in affected communities. Secondly, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition WA have pitched in time and money to make the space a reality. The Pop-Up Space prides itself on providing dual support to both the creative and policy-changing locals of Perth, and delivering philanthropic relief to creative young minds shining through the struggles of poverty in various international locations. 

Over twenty-four local and national artists have donated works to the gallery so far, including Amok Island, Shrink and Hawkwinstonhawk

The Pop-Up Space, as an accessory of Spark International, is using the power of startups to its advantage to simultaneously empower young individuals separated by entire oceans. Perth has long been a canvas for international tastes, styles and sounds to arrive and be absorbed, so it makes sense that now we aim to redirect some of that sustenance towards other cities where, like us –  forgiving the omission of good healthcare, education, government and waste disposal – the arts are finding themselves more and more encroached upon and drowned out by dominant national imperatives.

If Mt. Hawthorn is in your area and you’ve got a purpose, get down to The Pop-Up-Space! Whether that be for a meeting, to rehearse, to host a design project or to generally create in the inspiring environment, be sure to show your face and your support for an all-round good cause.

If you are interested in donating artwork or performing at the venue, contact the managers Ziggy O’Reilly on 041 636 0189 or Maria Volodina on 0488 772 745.

The Pop-Up Space is open at The Mezz until the 5th of June. The venue is open from 11am – 5pm, Tuesday-Sunday.